Players once again rise to challenge

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Theatre review

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Review by Neil Megson

Heckington Players successfully transported their audience back to the gentle, lively days of mid-70’s sitcom with their production of Are You Being Served?

To take on a stage production of a loved television series is a daunting task for any actor, a real challenge, and I was delighted with their results.

Director Jo Marriott had a great eye for detail and obviously picked her cast with care to ensure a top notch performance.

Kei Bailey was wildly flamboyant and very funny as Mr Humphries; Kate Sydney excelled as Mrs Slocombe; Miss Brahms was not an easy task but Mel Priestley expertly pulled it off as did Andrew Key as the surly Captain Peacock; Paul Sharman as stuffy Mr Grainger and Ross Turpin as smooth ladies’ man Mr Lucas completed the ensemble perfectly. Regulars Simon Needham and Kelly Anderson gave a fantastic turn as the staff’s Spanish, heavily armed, semi-revolutionary hosts.

Heckington Players always rise to the challenge and deserve the support.