Police warning after complaints of farm workers driving tractors dangerously and on mobile phones

Farming news.
Farming news.

Police are advising tractor drivers to take more care and be considerate of other road users after a number of complaints in the Billingborough area.

PCSO Sandra Brommell of Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing team said they have had reports of tractors and farm machinery being driven dangerously and inconsiderately on the roads during this season.

She said: “In particular we have had reports of tractors pulling out in front of other road users, being on mobile phones and driving too fast.

She said: “I would like to take this opportunity to ask that if you are a tractor driver or have drivers working for you to please drive considerately of other road users.

“We understand that this is a busy time for farmers and that there is obviously going to be an increase of activity on the roads however there is never an excuse for endangering yourselves or others.

“We ask anyone who experiences dangerous driving in any capacity to report this via 101 and where possible it will be investigated.”