Schools barely affected in Sleaford by teachers’ union strike action

National Union of Teachers
National Union of Teachers

Secondary schools in the Sleaford area have been largely unaffected by teachers’ union strike action today (Tuesday).

The NUT’s members had voted to strike over concerns about impending cuts to school funding equating to loss of teaching posts and those remaining being overworked as class sizes grew, having an impact on pupils.

Some schools were expected to have to close due to the predicted walk outs and union members hosted a strike rally at Stoke Rochford Hall near Grantham throughout the day.

However the heads of Sleaford’s three secondary schools have reported ‘business as usual’ today with only two schools reported closed in teh county and another five partially open.

At Kesteven and Sleaford High School headteacher Josephine Smith said only “a handful” of staff were on strike. All students in all year groups were in school and cover supervisors were employed to cover lessons affected.

“Fewer than eight per cent of lessons were affected,” she said.

At St George’s Academy in Sleaford and Ruskington both sites were fully open for students as normal, saud Principal Wayne Birks.

It was the same picture at Carre’s Grammar School with no-one on strike, according to a spokesman.