Pupils get put to the test, ready for September

A scene from the Inspirational Outreach Day at Carre's Grammar School.
A scene from the Inspirational Outreach Day at Carre's Grammar School.

Year Nine pupils at a Sleaford school have been helped get ready for the coming academic year and the start of Key Stage Four through a session with the Jon Egging Trust.

The youngsters at Carre’s Grammar School recently held an Inspirational Outreach Day with the trust.

The Jon Egging Trust (JET) was set up in memory of Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging, who tragically lost his life at the Bournemouth Air Festival in 2011. It aims to realise Jon’s dream of supporting young people to reach their full potential by creating links with the Royal Air Force and other inspiring environments linked to science, technology, and engineering.

A total of 110 pupils took part in five sessions with JET.

The activities saw the youngsters having to collaborate, communicate, trust, and respect one another in order to do their best in the challenges.

Their resilience was tested and throughout the day they learned to support and encourage one another not to give up and to think inventively.

Whether the students completed the challenges did not necessarily determine success, the real success came from how they approached the tasks, maintained purpose within them, and how they resolved the problems they encountered as a group.

Andy Wilkinson, assistant headteacher, said: “All of our Year Nine students had a fantastic day working with the JET.

“The team building activities were challenging but enjoyable and the students were taken out of their comfort zones.

“The team who delivered the sessions were absolutely brilliant and we hope we can work with them in the future as an annual event.”

For more details visit www.joneggingtrust.org.uk