Advice before attending GP appointments in the snow


Lincolnshire’s GP practices are also experiencing severe disruption due to the weather, with some not having staff available in surgeries.

If you have a routine appointment booked, you are advised to try and contact your practice to check whether it is still available or has been cancelled.

Similarly, if you are planning on attending for an urgent appointment contact your practice to check it is still able to see you or whether alternative arrangements will have to be made.

For any other appointments you have booked but are unable to make, contact your practice and let them know in case they are able to offer it to someone else.

In addition to your GP practice there are a range of other sources of help and advice.

South West Lincolnshire Clinicial Commissioning Group says on its website that self-care is really important and you should make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked with cold and flu remedies.

Your local pharmacy is a great source of information. Alternatively, you can dial NHS 111 if you need advice but it is not an emergency.

A&E should only be used in life threatening situations. Finally, if you can it is helpful to check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours and relatives.

According to one report, Sleaford district nursing team have walked to ensure all vulnerable patients are safe.