New guide to care and support in Lincolnshire – a crucial time for information

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A new, updated Lincolnshire Care Services Directory has been published in association with Lincolnshire County Council.

The guide gives readers crucial information on how to access, and pay for, care services within the county.

There has been a great deal in the media recently about the crisis in social care. If you are growing concerned about your care options, or just want some more information on what your choices may be, this directory can help.

With information to help you understand your options, where to go for advice and how the paying for care system works, the Lincolnshire Care Services Directory can support you to make informed decisions.

The new edition of the Lincolnshire Care Services Directory and accompanying website give information on all aspects of arranging care and support in Lincolnshire. It includes how to stay independent for as long as possible, the different care and support options available and what to look for when choosing a care provider. It also offers guidance on important issues such as paying for care and what financial assistance may be available from the local authority.

There are comprehensive listings of all registered care services throughout Lincolnshire, plus checklists to help you ask the right questions when visiting services.

For a free copy of the Lincolnshire Care Services Directory contact the Lincolnshire Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155. It is also available throughout the region from outlets including hospitals, GP surgeries, Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. It can be downloaded from and is available in spoken word.

Robert Chamberlain, Managing Director of the directory’s publisher, Care Choices, commented: “This is an invaluable source of information for anyone considering short- or long-term care in Lincolnshire, and contains vital information to help people decide what type of care and support is best for them.

“With the current crisis in social care, finding a care service for yourself or a loved one that meets their needs and is affordable can be a daunting and unfamiliar task. This new Lincolnshire Care Services Directory has been compiled to help people understand the process and offer them reassurance at every step of their journey.”

Care Choices is the UK’s largest independent publisher for social care and adults with additional needs. It is also the largest publisher of care directories for local authorities in England.