New vegan snack box business aims to alter perceptions

Wayne Covell. EMN-190318-121536001
Wayne Covell. EMN-190318-121536001

A new snack box company being launched by a young Sleaford entrepreneur is latching onto the latest surge in interest for vegansim.

Wayne Covell, 26, of Sleaford, has started up TreatKind Subscription Boxes, focussing on vegan and gluten-free snacks and treats.

He came up with the idea after doing freelance work for BBQ Jack, a vegan pulled ‘pork’ company.

Previously he admits viewing veganism as a ‘fringe’ movement. But said: “I really started to see how a lot of the farming industry is set up and how unnatural it is. For example the majority of antibiotics used in livestock, cows are artificially made pregnant for their entire life to produce milk and nearly all male chicks are killed straight after birth.

“This made me realise that the way to change what is happening is firstly to help spread awareness and secondly to make vegan food the default, where you’d have to specifically find a meat dish instead of specifically asking for the vegan option.”

Customers subscribe £12.99 a month to get a box of different, luxury treats delivered to their door. TreatKind aims to prove everyday snacks can be eaten completely meat free, and still taste as good.

“Take Candy Kittens for example, one of our most popular products. No gelatine is used in them, yet they taste so much better than your average jelly-sweets,” says Wayne.

Rather than imposing his views, he aims to help alter perceptions, with plans to expand into vegan dog treats and beauty products.