Time to prepare for seasonal ailments

Dr Vindi Bhandal. EMN-191219-151548001
Dr Vindi Bhandal. EMN-191219-151548001

We complete the year with our monthly column by Dr Vindi Bhandal of Sleaford Medical Group advising on health and wellbeing issues affecting Sleaford area people...

With the festive season approaching, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

At this time of the year the demand for appointments by patients at the doctor’s surgery increases considerably. We know that the very young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the winter infections that most people healthy people can fight off.

We would stress that people consider using 111 and their pharmacists for advice about the treatment of common winter ailments such as coughs and colds, to ease the pressure on appointments. Most respiratory infections are due toviruses and as such antibiotics will not be prescribed in the management of these conditions, other remedies will help to control symptoms of temperature and aches and pains.

If the symptoms are not settling or in the case of children or those with other long term conditions or the elderly, you may need to be checked out and in most surgeries the primary care practitioners are fully trained to examine and treat patients,

Please ensure you have enough medication to last over the holiday period, and remember to take it with you if you are visiting family and friends out of the area for the festive season.

Whilst many will be spending time with their families, I would ask you to consider if you know someone who may be alone and vulnerable over the holiday period, who would appreciate your popping in to ensure they are coping.

So bring on the festivities, of course the New Year will see many looking to get back to fitness and exercise, so this year you may want to think about enrolling in the exercise programme offered by the Wellbeing Service that is funded by the local council, the details are available in your doctor’s surgery.

Happy Christmas.