Trust could be formed to look after old Rauceby Hospital cemeteries

The old Rauceby Hospital. EMN-190426-183603001
The old Rauceby Hospital. EMN-190426-183603001

Sleaford Town Council has considered a request by a relative suggesting an answer to the ongoing neglect of the former Rauceby Hospital burial grounds where a member of his family is buried.

The clerk to the council, Kevin Martin, has been in contact with the relative, who has been concerned about the unmaintained state of the two burials grounds off Willoughby Road and who has carried out research into current ownership of the sites.

The relative has contacted a number of agencies to try and get work done to tidy up the overgrown sites and apparently the Department of Health and Social Care currently own the cemeteries which contain the remains of some 600 deceased patients buried between 1906 and 1973, according to the clerk’s report.

Mr Martin says: “The Department of health meant to put in an application for closure post 1973 which would have passed responsibility for maintenance to either NKDC or Sleaford Town Council; this was not done however.”

It has been suggested that a charitable Trust be formed by himself, the Town Council and Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust, which could seek Heritage Lottery funding to finance the operation. The council considered the proposal on Wednesday and will look into it further.