Find out how this Lincolnshire man shed eight stone to avoid type 2 diabetes risk

David Mason, pictured before and after his eight stone weightloss. Images supplied.
David Mason, pictured before and after his eight stone weightloss. Images supplied.

A Cranwell man has shed an impressive eight stone in weight in a bid to reduce his risk of developing type 2 

Knowing that both his father and grandfather had a history of diabetes due to being ‘overweight’, David Mason decided to take action to avoid developing the condition himself.

Along with his health concerns, David said he was also fed up with how he looked in photos, and had difficulties clothes shopping for his size. So he took action at the start of 2017, and embarked upon a healthier diet and exercise regime.

“My weight ‘yo-yoed from secondary school and I couldn’t seem to maintain any weight loss,” explained David, 35. “I enjoyed socialising with my friends, however I didn’t really like having my photo taken. It’s when you see photographs of yourself that you think I must do something about it before it ruins my health. I loved clothes shopping, but it was really disheartening to be told that they would need to order clothes in specially as they don’t stock it in a big enough size.”

He managed to shed four stones himself, but was struggling to carry on and reach his weighloss goal of eight. To achieve this, he joined the Slimming World group in Metheringham, run by Pam Morris, but was initially worried the group ‘isn’t for blokes’.

“I was filled with nerves walking through the doors, but I received such a warm and friendly welcome that I soon forgot about them,” said David. “And when I was introduced to the plan, I was so surprised by all the food that I could still eat such as pasta, rice and potatoes, without feeling guilty. I got stuck in right away and started cooking meals from scratch, rather than relying on convenience foods or takeaways, I had previously eaten sandwiches, pasties, chocolate, takeout’s, fizzy pop, chips, burgers and lager but changed to healthier bread, meals cooked the Slimming World way, measuring milk and cutting back on sugars and fats.

“I stocked up on plenty of fruit in case I got hungry between meals. I could still enjoy a treat every now and then and socialise with my friends too.”

David, who dropped from a size 38 waist and 50 chest to a 32 waist and 40 chest size clothing, added: “I’m much healthier and happier now, and I’m confident the habits I’ve discovered will stay with me forever.”

His physical fitness has also increased greatly, with two half marathons now under his belt, and a regular gymn attendance.

David, who works in agriculture, said he ‘no longer gets out of breath easily’ and has a renewed love of clothes shopping - being able to ‘walk into any high street store and buy clothes off the peg’.

Pam Morris, who runs the Metheringham and Billinghay groups, said: “His determination to lose weight and lead a healthier life is really inspiring, both to me and all of the other members. He has inspired and helped so many people and encouraged others to join Slimming World including his mother, Rosemary Kelly, who is also a fabulous target member. I hope he’ll inspire other people in Sleaford and the surrounding villages, especially men, and show them that it is possible to lose that excess weight they’ve been carrying.”