Hare coursers become the hunted by county’s police

Hare coursing EMN-160803-093856001
Hare coursing EMN-160803-093856001

Lincolnshire Police have continued to turn the screw on suspected illegal hare coursers in the county under Operation Galileo.

According to the Force, since September 1 there have been 176 men arrested or reported for summons, 93 other men have been dealt with by other enforcement action such as Direction to Leave and traffic offences.

Additionally, so far this hare coursing season 19 vehicles and three dogs have been seized.

Locally, a driver is being investigated following an allegation of failing to stop for police following a report of hare coursing at Billinghay on March 1.

On February 19 a man from Teeside and a man from Kent were reported for summons for trespassing in the pursuit of game at Metheringham Fen.

On February 9 a man from Bradford was given a ‘Section 59’ warning for anti-social driving linked to hare coursing in Timberland Dales. If the vehicle is used in similar circumstances in the next 12 months it can be seized.

Force lead for rural crime, Chief Inspector Jim Tyner said: “Operation Galileo continues and I remain determined that we use all legislative powers available to us to deal with the scourge of hare coursing. Where there isn’t enough evidence for a prosecution we will use other disruption tactics to deter people from visiting the county for hare coursing”.