Kind children bring festive cheer to older neighbours

Vivien Banks' two Christmas-spirited children with gifts. EMN-191219-115937001
Vivien Banks' two Christmas-spirited children with gifts. EMN-191219-115937001

A family from Sleaford are proud of their children’s voluntary efforts to make sure older residents in the community do not feel lonely or isolated this Christmas.

Vivien Banks of Sleaford contacted The Standard to sing the praises of her children, Tobias, aged nine, and Arabella, aged six,

They have been working hard towards their ‘community impact badge’ – Tobias at RAF Cranwell Cubs and Arabella at the Beavers group there.

Vivien said: “They have organised a monthly picture card drop to the elderly people in our area to help combat loneliness and isolation during the winter months.

“They have worked so hard, and the elderly residents in our community have been thrilled to receive their artwork and crackers.”

Tobias and Arabella have kept it local – mainly concentrated on residents on their own housing estate delivering handmade cards, pictures and gifts. In return they have received messages and letter of thanks from those whose lives the children have touched.

Vivien said: “We have received phone calls and little cards saying how kind the children are, and how pleased they are that they are making such a kind and lovely effort towards them.”

She added: “It’s been so lovely and emotional seeing them bang on doors under our supervision, and absolutely make someone’s day. Some people in our area are housebound due to age or ill health, so this has also been a great way to check they are OK and ask if they need anything.

“I’m a community volunteer and I have always involved them in my work, so that they understand the issues in our community, and how they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

She said lots of people have waved at them as they go past having got to know about their efforts.

“It’s great to see two generations bringing joy to each other and helping to prevent loneliness and isolation,” Vivien said.

“We even had a parcel left at our door with a little Christmas treat in for them yesterday.”

One note said: “Thank you for your lovely picture and your kind gesture. It is nice to think young children can cheer people up living on their own.”