Nostalgia - Billingborough’s football side in 1911

Billingborough FC in 1911. EMN-190919-134520001
Billingborough FC in 1911. EMN-190919-134520001

Our nostalgia photo this week takes us back more than a century to the early days of local football.

It is a copy of a photo that was published in The Standard in 1970, but dates back to 1911.

It is of the striped-shirted team mates and coaching staff of Billingborough FC.

Would this be the same club which represents the village nowadays or was it resurrected in later years? What is the cup in the photo?

Does anyone know where they would have played their home matches? Can you identify any of the club members in the photo?

If so, let us know by calling 01529 415981, email: or message us on Facebook.