Police take action on beer keg theft

Enjoy alcohol responsibly.
Enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Lincolnshire Police are taking action to tackle a rising problem of thefts of aluminium beer kegs from pubs.

The theft of aluminium kegs is an ongoing problem for pubs and other licensed premises in our county. The fact that they are often kept outside awaiting collection by breweries, puts them at risk from both organised gangs and opportunists.

The kegs are taken to be melted down for their considerable scrap value. They are either melted down by the thieves or cut up into unrecognisable parts, then taken to scrap metal yards to be disposed of. This criminal activity is , according to police, often used as a means of funding other crime.

Recent changes to the laws regulating scrap metal dealers has made it harder to dispose of the stolen metal, causing some of the criminals to abandon the property. However the determined thief will find a means of disposal.

The only people who can lawfully possess these kegs are either the licensed premises themselves or authorised delivery persons. Lincolnshire Police are encouraging members of the public to report any sightings of kegs, whether they are abandoned at the roadside or being transported around illegally by the thieves.

During a recent joint agency operation, 15 kegs were recovered from a site in Lincoln and returned to their owners via Kegwatch http://www.kegwatch.co.uk. The thieves could not be identified but the stolen items were retrieved from being sold on.

Anyone with information about what they believe may be stolen kegs is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.