£90k from Children in Need

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More support will be available for young carers in the county through a new programme thanks to a £90,000 grant from BBC Children in Need.

The grant will fund Spurgeons Creative Lincs, a new programme to help young carers of adults affected by alcohol or substance misuse. Spurgeons currently manage Lincolnshire Young Carers Count, which is funded by Lincolnshire County Council, where more than 1,200 young carers up to the age of 25 are already registered.

This new funding will allow the service to help young carers in particularly difficult situations. Janette Southall, from Lincolnshire Young Carers Count, said: “These young carers are exceptionally hard to reach, often hiding their parent’s condition due to the stigma attached. Around 87 per cent of the young carers we work with in Lincolnshire have low family income and 15 per cent live in isolated rural areas. Running this programme will allow us to reach out and help these young carers that need it most.”

The money granted will fund a programme of 10 sessions for up to 15 young carers in Lincolnshire twice a year. The sessions will provide a safe place for group discussion, training on topics such as first aid, dealing with addiction, domestic violence and relationships. They will also teach practical skills such as healthy cooking.

The programme is now recruiting staff and volunteers to work as mentors or host group sessions. Call 01205 331 322 or email: lincscarers@spurgeons.org Or visit www.spurgeonsyc.org/lincolnshire