A17 Sleaford bypass partially blocked by motorbike on fire after collision

Fire and rescue news.
Fire and rescue news.

The A17 Sleaford bypass is reported to be partially blocked due to a collision and fire.

According to police, the collision involving a motorbike and another vehicle (unclear what it is at this stage) was first reported at about 10.50am on the westbound carriageway between Bonemill Junction and Holdingham, close to the Holdingham roundabout.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “The rider of the bike is injured (not clear how serious) and the bike was on fire which was dealt with by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.”

The other driver was uninjured.

One lane was blocked and highways teams had been contacted.

According to AA traffic reports, motorists are being warned to expect “severe delays” of 13 minutes and increasing on the A17 westbound, on the A15 from Lincoln and on Northgate and Lincoln Road in town as tailbacks increase.