Alarming speeding figures in village

30mph speed limit sign
30mph speed limit sign

Nearly half of the motorists on one village street are breaking the speed limit, according to figures revealed at Heckington Parish Council.

Newly calculated statistics revealed at last week’s meeting showed out of just under 7,000 cars to pass a Speed Indicator Device on Boston Road in Heckington between July 15-24, 46 per cent were exceeding the 30mph limit by at least 5mph.

Parish councillor Andy Garlick, who has been interprating the downloads from the device purchased by the parish, said that three per cent of cars were going at speeds of up to 55mph, 10 per cent doing 40mph. These figures were for traffic driving into the village only. This is despite having to negotiate at least two dangerous bends and passing the entrance to a new building site for housing soon to get under way.

Coun Garlick said: “It is pretty concerning. There is no excuse for speeding, you are half a mile inside the 30mph limit zone. We will use this information to speak to the police and we will carry on gathering data on this and on Sleaford Road to build up a picture.”