All set to speed to world record

Bloodhound SSC in action on the test run at Newquay. EMN-171030-173829001
Bloodhound SSC in action on the test run at Newquay. EMN-171030-173829001

A Sleaford hi-tech component firm is set to speed into the record books with a supersonic car.

SHD Compsites, set up by Steve and Helen Doughty on Sleaford Enterprise Park, have made the carbon fibre monocoque and nose cone for the Bloodhound SSC car - a 10-year project to break the World Land Speed Record and reach 1,000mph, while inspiring the next generation to get involved in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Representatives from the firm were down at Newquay airport last week to see the first set of runs by the car in front of the public on Thursday and Saturday.

Over 7,000 guests watched Bloodhound SSC make runs on Thursday and Saturday, reaching speeds of over 200mph, with driver Andy Green steering it down the runway, powered by a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, normally found in a Typhoon fighter plane.

He holds the current land speed record of 763mph set in Thrust SSC in 1997. This was developed by a team led by Richard Noble, who is also leading the Bloodhound project and who visited Sleaford as a speaker for the first Made In Sleaford exhibition in 2015. The project’s educational team has also been to the town twice, to inspire students.

Commenting at the event via Twitter, the SHD Composites team said: “Incredibly proud moment to be at #BloodhoundisGO, great feeling for the team both at Newquay and back at base!”

Andy Green added: “The car is performing like a dream and I’m really enjoying driving it after the years of development. I hope it’s as exciting to watch as it is to drive.”

An Education Day was held on Monday for around 3,500 young people to see the car run.

The Bloodhound team will move to South Africa next year to further their record attempt.