Almost 1-in-5 Lincolnshire adults regularly binge drink


Alcohol Awareness Week is encouraging people to ‘know the risks’ of drinking too much, as it is reported that almost one in five adults in Lincolnshire are ‘regular’ binge drinkers.

Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy an estimated £7.3 billion per year, and across Lincolnshire it is estimated that 18.5 per cent of adults regularly binge drink - regularly consuming over double the recommended sensible amount in one day.

This week (November 14-21) is Alcohol Awareness Week and a co-ordinated campaign in the county aims to flag up the different risks of drinking to excess, including physical and mental health issues, anti-social behaviour, and safety risks.

• Look out for the social media hashtag #knowtherisks for information and help about alcohol issues in the county.