Ancaster pooches get paws on top prizes at Crufts

Best veteran winner Vinnie, known as show champion Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna.
Best veteran winner Vinnie, known as show champion Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna.

An Ancaster dog breeder’s beloved English springer spaniels, have brought home two prizes from this year’s Crufts, including winning the best veteran category.

Anne Happs is no stranger to winning rosettes for her precious pooches, with her English springer spaniel Vinnie, otherwise known as show champion Jorobaden Alderniti of Emianna, enjoying regular success at dog shows.

Despite only being seven years old, this actually made Vinnie eligible to take part in Crufts’ veterans category for the first time this year. To Anne’s surprise and joy, her marvellous mutt ended up walking away with the top prize.

“He enjoys it, because he is a bit of a show off!” said Anne. Furthermore, another one of her English springer spaniels, 13-month-old Henry, otherwise known as Clentonian Soloman Seal, also earned second place in the junior category.

Their accolades came as welcome news to Anne, her husband David, and daughter Caroline, who contacted the Journal to let us know about the spaniels’ success.

Indeed producing champion canines has become something of a family tradition, given that Anne followed the lead of her own mother, Thelma Newton, into becoming a dog breeder. She too enjoyed wins at top shows, with their beloved pug show champion Shindig of Sherwood.

Although she grew up surrounded by her mother’s prize-winning pugs, it was after rescuing a gun-shy English springer spaniel from an unsympathetic owner, that Anne decided this would be her breed of choice, and she has never looked back .

Since then she has been to numerous of the most prestigious dog shows, and is looking forward to retuning to Crufts again next year.

“I enjoy everything about it, getting them ready, which takes a lot of work, and a lot of grooming,” she said. “And I love meeting new people at the shows.”