ASSISTING SUICIDE CASE: Best friend says she ‘never intentionally tried to help her’

Emma Crossman. EMN-150502-161801001 EMN-150502-161801001
Emma Crossman. EMN-150502-161801001 EMN-150502-161801001

A 22-year-old accused of assisting her best mate to commit suicide today (Friday) told a jury that she did not believe her friend would go through with it.

Amelia Caller admitted to a jury at Lincoln Crown Court that she had previously seen a suicide note written by her friend Emma Crossman, 21, and said Emma had written Facebook messages to her in which she talked about taking her own life.

Caller said: “I understood that she wanted to take her own life but I didn’t think she would.

“I was scared that she was talking about it. I wanted her to become better in herself and more positive.”

The prosecution allege that Caller assisted Emma Crossman to kill herself in January 2014 by purchasing the means by which she took her own life.

But from the witness box Caller said: “I never intentionally tried to help her. I never wanted her dead and I never thought she would do it.”

The two women had known each other for at least five years and Caller described them as ‘close best friends’.

“She could only trust me. I was like a confidante,” she said.

She said that Emma suffered from depression which worsened following the breakdown of a long-term relationship with Adrian Kemp, a 56-year-old tattoo artist.

Amelia Caller, 22, of Heckington Road, Great Hale, near Sleaford, denies encouraging or assisting in the suicide of Emma Crossman between January 12-15, 2014, in a charge brought under the 1961 Suicide Act.

The trial continues.