Bid to widen fuel permit for anaerobic digester plant

Planning applications news. EMN-170222-111329001
Planning applications news. EMN-170222-111329001

The owners of a biogas production plant are seeking to widen its range of fuel sources permitted.

FKB, which operates the Holdingham Biogas plant, near Leasingham, is applying to Lincolnshire County Council to change it from a solely agricultural-based anaerobic digester fed with maize and grass silage and sugar beet crops produced on its surrounding fields.

There had been plans for it to be fed by waste from a new poultry rearing unit, but that development was refused by NKDC.

Now the company is putting forward the new scheme which would turn it into a commercial anaerobic digestion facility. Additional ‘feedstocks’ would include wheat syrup – from refining bioethanol; glycerol – a waste product from recycling cooking oil to make biodiesel; poultry manure and bedding; bleaching clay from filtering vegetable oils; waste vegetables and purpose grown energy crops.

The applicants claim deliveries would not exceed levels already permitted and all feedstocks would be contained and covered to reduce odour.