BREAKING NEWS: tornado hits Sleaford area - VIDEO

A TORNADO has swept across the Sleaford area, causing a swathe of damage to people’s homes and blocking roads.

The thunder storms hit around 2.30pm-3pm this afternoon and police have reported flooding on Jubilee Grive in Sleaford and Drury Street in Metheringham. Roads were being closed and drivers diverted, but it was thought they were only isolated incidents.



Elsewhere, there was devastation in Swarby as the high winds struck the village.

Witness Linda Whitney said: “Our bins were blown 200 yards up the road, but we got off lucky. Our loft roof lifted up and tiles came off, there are things smashed and scattered everywhere.

“Our neighbour’s shed has gone and trampolines.”

Another neighbour had to take an elderly woman into her home in shock after her garage roof collapsed and trees uprooted.

Leasingham School was flooded out on Thursday afternoon.

Leasingham School was flooded out on Thursday afternoon.

Sarah Whitelaw of North Kyme was driving between Ewerby and Ewerby Thorpe when she spotted the tornado passing over Ewerby, sucking up debris before disappearing back into the clouds.

She said: “I went into the village and had to move branches but it had taken huge pieces of hedge across the road blocking the way and I could not get any further.

“I must have watched it for at least five minutes then it lifted off when it had crossed the village.”

She managed to catch some photos and video footage on her phone.

County highways reported telephone cables down in Ewerby and Swarby and two shops had been flooded in Sleaford as well as flooding in Martin.

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