Breast feeding cafe idea helps support new mums

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A mum from Greylees, near Sleaford has held a successful first ‘breastfeeding cafe’ to help support others in the same situation.

Katherine Watkinson, a 30-year-old pharmacy technician on maternity leave from Lincoln Hospital explained: “I live at Greylees and there is not much in the way of community resources in this area. The cafe was an informal afternoon chat at my home to help meet up with and support some of the other younger mums with babies living here so that they don’t feel isolated.”

She added: “I moved here when I was heavily pregnant and found it quite difficult to meet people. I saw other mums going by and it felt nerve-wracking making that first introduction.”

Now a mum of a 10-month-old boy, who she breast fed, she heard about the Medela Breastfeeding Cafe annual nationwide event on Facebook and decided to set one up herself.

Medela, a leading breastfeeding equipment brand, started the initiative last year to get mums to help each other by sharing their experiences about breastfeeding.

Katherine said: “This was a one-off event but if we all get on well I will try to make it a regular meeting. There are some good faciilties in Sleaford but being that bit further out of town means it can be difficult to get out and about.”

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