Andy Burns of Sleaford’s Tin Hat Productions gives us his latest update on filming for ‘Our Shining Sword’

Our Shining Sword EMN-151105-163915001
Our Shining Sword EMN-151105-163915001

Film company launches new funding campaign

For those who have read my regular pieces for the Sleaford Standard, you will know that Sleaford’s very own film company, Tin Hat Productions, is right in the middle of producing its first full length feature film.

‘Our Shining Sword’ is a hugely ambitious, independent, low budget war film about a Lancaster Bomber and her crew.

The total budget for ‘Our Shining Sword’ is £80,000. Clearly this is a lot of money, but through sheer hard work and determination we have managed to raise almost half of this amount.

The film is being shot in four blocks. The first block was filmed over a week in February and was extremely successful. Some of you might have seen us filming in and around Sleaford during half term week.

The second and largest shooting block is scheduled for the entirety of this coming August. Blocks three and four are scheduled for November this year and spring next year.

Similarly, the remainder of funding required to finish the film is being sought in manageable sections and we are about to launch our second Crowdfunding campaign. The campaign launched on Wednesday, May 13 through the online Crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.

We hope to raise £12,000 this time, which will enable us to complete the August shooting block and secure the space needed to build sets until the end of this year.

During the campaign we will be out on the road to tell as many people as we can about ‘Our Shining Sword’. This week we will be in Central London and during the middle of the campaign we will be in Sleaford, Grantham, Lincoln and anywhere else that will have us.

In the final week of the campaign we will be making our way from Lancaster to Lincoln carrying a full sized replica of a Lancaster propeller. We hope to make the journey in four days.

It will be a very challenging trip, but we wanted to do something to prove just how determined and committed we are.

You can sponsor our endeavours by contributing as little as £5 via our IndieGoGo funding page

You will also find more detailed information about ‘Our Shining Sword’.

Please look out for us when we’re out and about in Lincolnshire. You can also get in touch with us via our websites and