Butchers ‘beef-up’ trade after horsemeat scandal

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Ever since the news broke of horse meat being found in processed food labelled as beef, butchers have noticed a large increase in customers.

Several of the businesses have reported that people have turned to them as they know what they will be getting with their meat.

Sleaford butcher Paul Wetherill, who has his shop off Southgate, is one such butcher and said he had seen his business increase by at least 20 per cent in the last week.

He said that this is due to consumers’ loss of confidence in processed ready meals, instead opting for traditional cooking from scratch to ensure the genuine article.

He said: “Last Saturday at one point they were queued half way down the alley and I ended up finishing late.

“I always believe in giving 100 per cent or nothing. One mistake and you can lose your reputation. All my meat comes from local suppliers within a short distance of my local abattoir. I know where all my pork, beef, lamb and chicken come from.”