Don’t accept too much packaging

A SUMMER of celebrations could lead to people buying more goods with over-the-top packaging, so Lincolnshire Trading Standards officers are urging shoppers to be waste-conscious when choosing their party goods.

Heather Bellamy, from Lincolnshire Trading Standards, said: “With Wimbledon, the Olympics and Paralympics, this is a summer for celebrating.

“But when we party, we tend to buy items that are more convenient, and these can be excessively packaged.

“If we shop carefully, we can still have a great time, while also doing our bit for the environment.

“We should expect products to be reasonably packaged, to ensure they are protected and kept clean.

“However, it can be frustrating when items are over-packaged – wasting your money and raw materials.

“If you feel you have little choice but to buy a heavily-packaged item, please report it to us by calling 01522 782341.

“We can then advise the company on how they might be able to reduce the amount of packaging they use.”

On average, UK households throw away around 4.9 million tonnes of packaging every year.

To help reduce that amount, Lincolnshire Trading Standards recommends remembering the five Rs when shopping:

l Reduce – Look at the packaging.

Can you buy the product loose instead, or buy a concentrated version?

l Reject – Leave packaging behind in the shop, or buy an alternative with less packaging.

l Reuse – Consider buying refills.

They can save you money and you can use the packaging for storage, too.

l Recycle – Look for symbols on packaging and make sure you recycle appropriately.

l Report – Let us know if you’ve seen a product that is excessively packaged.

For further information, or to report excessively-packaged products, you can contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341 or e-mail