Energy scheme could save you hundreds


Residents in Lincolnshire are being invited to join the thousands of householders across the UK who have already switched energy suppliers collectively, rather than individually, saving hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

Collective energy switching is a way for communities to try and get cheaper gas and electricity tariffs from energy suppliers. Rather than switching provider as an individual, you can do it together and save money.

Lincolnshire Energy Switch is part of a wider scheme operating across the country, and over 2,400 households in Lincolnshire have now switched, saving an estimated £480,000 between them.

Householders who haven’t switched energy supplier in the last few years are likely to see the biggest savings, but those who switch regularly can still benefit too.

To register an interest in the scheme, all you need is your annual gas or electric statement or bills covering the last 12 months. Once you’ve registered your interest, energy suppliers will then be invited to compete with their best offers at an auction. Letters stating the potential savings will then be sent to your address or by email.

You can either register online, or at your local council or by calling 0800 048 8439 until 5pm on Monday, May 18. The scheme is open to all energy users, whether you are on dual fuel, electric only, pay monthly or quarterly or have a prepayment meter.

The scheme is organised by councils in Lincolnshire, including South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and North Kesteven District Council, and is administered by iChoosr Ltd.