Growth offers ‘immense’ potential for town

Building site at Greylees. EMN-140328-131053001
Building site at Greylees. EMN-140328-131053001

Plans for growth in Sleaford and the surrounding area offers ‘immense potential’ for the town, it is being confidently predicted.

Another 28,000 extra homes are expected to be built across Central Lincolnshire over the next 20 years if a new Local Plan is adopted - and Sleaford has an important role to play in the development.

Residents are to be consulted this autumn on the latest Draft Local Plan which guides the location and development of housing, jobs, shops and schools as they prepare to cope with major future expansion of the area’s 

Coun Richard Wright, executive board member for North Kesteven District Council, said: “Sleaford is identified as having potential to take 
12 per cent of the overall housing growth and about the same in additional strategic employment land, primarily to the north and west of the town.

“The potential that that opens up for the wider town in terms of relocating schools away from the centre, freeing up traffic flow and attracting new retail and work opportunities is immense and I think will be welcomed when considered as a whole.”

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee is developing the joint plan to co-ordinate where, when, how and to what extent growth can take place across North Kesteven, West Lindsey and the City of Lincoln, while ensuring it is supported by new and improved roads, schools and employment opportunities.

The growth target is 1,540 homes per year across~ Central Lincolnshire up to 2,036 – a total of 36,960 over the plan period - of which 9,085 (24.6 per cent) have already been built or been given permission.

Growth is recommended to be focused around the main areas of Lincoln, Sleaford and Gainsborough with limited growth in villages – including a proposal to ‘cap’ growth in smaller villages, unless the community there indicates it would like more.

Large scale urban extensions to the south (east of London Road), north and west (off The Drove) of Sleaford have been earmarked, amounting to the majority of the 4,435 new home expansion allocated for the town.

This is an increase of 
58 per cent on present devel-opment.

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee is recommended to approve the Draft Local Plan at its meeting on Monday so that it can be consulted upon during October and November.

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