Hit parenting TV show looking for Sleaford families

TV Nanny Kathryn Mews
TV Nanny Kathryn Mews

Channel 4’s hit television show ‘The Three Day Nanny’ is back and looking for families in Sleaford.

Nanny Kathryn Mewes has over 20 years’ experience working with children and is the author of the parenting go-to-guide ‘The Three Day Nanny.’

Her trouble-shooting approach can solve everything from fussy food habits to bedtime battles and can put an end to tantrums and argumentative behaviour once and for all.

The Channel 4 series follows families as they work with Kathryn to tackle their child/children’s behavioural challenges.

Using her proven three-day technique, Kathryn can transform children’s behaviour for the better and will arm parents with the confidence, skills and techniques to help them maintain this positive change long term and restore harmony to family life.

The show’s producer Liberty Bell is currently inviting families to apply to take part in the programme to receive Kathryn’s expert help.

If you feel your family could benefit from Kathryn’s help or you’d just simply like to know more about the show then please contact the team on 0207 598 7267 or email nanny@libertybell.tv