Keep your eye on food hygiene

An example of a Fooyd Hygiene Rating label.
An example of a Fooyd Hygiene Rating label.

People in North Kesteven are being given a seasonal reminder to bear in mind a business’ food hygiene rating when buying food.

The message comes from North Kesteven District Council’s environmental health team, which is responsible for awarding food hygiene ratings.

Ratings run from zero to five, with five being the best.

Mark Taylor, head of environment and public protection at the council, said: “Ratings are given once a business has been thoroughly assessed.

“They don’t just cover the bits you can see but delve deeper to look at things such as how food is stored, whether appropriate records are kept of where food has come from and how well staff are trained.

“All of these things matter when it comes to giving the public confidence that they’re buying food that’s been produced, kept and served correctly.”

To find the food rating of an establishment visit or look for a green and black sticker on the premises (if you cannot see one, ask a member of staff).

Of the 842 ratings issued by the council to businesses on the quality of their hygiene and food handling, 98.3 per are rated three stars or above, with no premises falling in the bottom category.