Making village life superfast

Billingborough. EMN-150515-132445001
Billingborough. EMN-150515-132445001

While villages can, by their very nature, be isolated, efforts are being made so that this is not the case when it comes to the internet.

The Onlincolnshire project aims to bring superfast broadband to the vast majority of the county.

The work will mean people will be able to stream high-definition films, download music in seconds, play online games and keep in touch with friends and family via video 

Originally, it was anticipated as many as 90 per cent of households would benefit from the scheme.

However, advances in technology during the course of the project means that this figure is now expected to be as high as 95 per cent.

Lincolnshire County Council and the seven district councils have contributed funding to the scheme.

More than half of the project’s eight phases are now complete. Among the villages to have recently benefitted from the scheme are Ruskington and Heckington.

Those next in line include Billingborough and Threekingham.

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