McDonald’s restaurant in Sleaford forced to close for an hour due to water main burst

Anglian Water
Anglian Water

Water supplies appear to have been restored after Sleaford’s McDonald’s restaurant had to temporarily close when a water main burst in the Holdingham area.

The issue was first reported around 7.30am this morning (Thursday) according to Anglian Water’s online water supply issues information service for customers.

They stated: “We’re really sorry but some customers in Holdingham, Sleaford may have very low water pressure or no water at all.

“We have identified a burst water main in your area that we’re working hard to get fixed, so that we can get your supply back to normal as soon as possible.”

They had predicted the water would be back on by 4pm but it appears some customers at least are back on much sooner.

McDonald’s customers at its Holdingham roundabout branch had reported they were unable to get teas and coffees due to the water shortage. A McDonald’s member of staff told The Standard when contacted that they were forced to close completely, saying: “We did have to close for an hour at around 10.30am but everything is back up and running again now.”

The statement by Anglian water concluded: “We’re really sorry we’ve inconvenienced you and thanks for your patience.”