Oil saving scheme

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A NEW joint initiative aims to save money on the cost of heating oil for rural residents around Sleaford and Lincolnshire.

Community Lincs and Lincolnshire Credit Union (Lincup) have combined the Bulk Oil Buying Scheme run by Community Lincs that makes the most of customers’ collective buying power and Lincup’s new Oil Saver Scheme which encourages regular saving toward oil purchases and gives access to guaranteed loans so that you can purchase oil when prices are at their lowest then spread their repayments over the year

Community Lincs launched its Bulk Oil Buying Scheme in January and has been helping members save over 4.5p per litre that is £46 per 1000 litres on oil purchases in the last three months. Membership is growing month by month and now covers fifteen communities across the county.

For further information contact Community Lincs on 01529 301980 or Lincup 01522 528886/845100.