PHOTO GALLERY - Cameras roll in local company’s debut film

Here is our latest column by Andy Burn on the progress of Sleaford film company Tinhat Productions...

It’s been a couple of months since I last updated Sleaford Standard readers about Tin Hat Productions’ first feature film, Our Shining Sword.

Ickworth Road transformed to wartime for the film. EMN-150303-121210001

Ickworth Road transformed to wartime for the film. EMN-150303-121210001

Since New Year we have been throwing our weight at preparations for the first filming block, which took place during February half term. We had a gruelling, but amazing week; starting at Nene Valley Railway in the early hours of Monday morning and finishing on a wind swept lay-by on the A15, Graby, on Saturday evening. We had begun to shoot our first feature film. Rain and hail were mere trifles compared to the multitude of hurdles we had overcome to get to this point.

Some local residents may have seen us on location on Ickworth Road on January 19. Apologies to any motorists or passers by that were inconvenienced by our endeavours.

Residents of Ickworth Road warrant a special mention for allowing us to plaster their windows in masking tape (home front style). As does Gerald Cook for driving his beautiful Austin 10 all the way to a freezing location near Bourne and then allowing a dizzy actor to drive it up and down a rutted lay-by.

Our next and largest filming block will consume the lions share of August. Between now and then we need to find locations, build sets, tweak the script, audition actors and continue to plague any potential investors.

The pursuit of funding continues to be the single most challenging part of this enterprise. The entire budget for Our Shining Sword is £80,000. We currently have around £35,000. After three separate attempts at obtaining lottery funding, we have finally decided to call it a day. The crazy thing is that the last lottery ‘agent’ that we approached told us that they very rarely approved funding for a film with a budget of less than £175,000. But they would only fund 50 per cent, in order to match any lottery funding, we would have to find a minimum of £87,500 from elsewhere.

We’ve already had some very generous contributions and so many people have been generous with their time, their homes and their possessions.

If there are any generous souls out there who fancy investing in a dynamic, up and coming film company, then please get in touch via our website