Power station cash grant to boost broadband coverage in village

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant. EMN-170102-171654001
Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant. EMN-170102-171654001

A village near Sleaford is to get a £10,489 grant to speed up broadband

The cash has been awarded to benefit Kirkby la Thorpe villagers from a pot provided by the developers of the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant on Boston Road as part of a planning agreement.

The Sleaford Renewable Energy Liaison Panel has had respoibility for allotting the money to deserving projects in Sleaford and Kirkby la Thorpe to benefit those living closest too the straw burning plant.

Money has been set aside for projects in the village following an application from the Parish Council for support towards a new broadband cabinet.

Once installed, this will bring faster internet speeds than currently experienced in Kirkby La Thorpe because of ever-increasing pressure placed on the Sleaford exchange it is currently connected to.

It will also mean the village is on any schedule for improved speeds as and when they happen.

Coun Richard Wright, chairman of the panel, said: “Everyone relies on being able to get on the internet in this day and age, whether it’s to do the weekly shopping, carry out research for homework or stream music and videos.

“This grant will mean residents will be able to access faster speeds than they have at the moment and that the village isn’t left behind.”

Kirkby La Thorpe Parish Council chairman, Phil White, said: “Kirkby la Thorpe Parish Council is delighted with the news that funding from the Renewable Energy Plant has been awarded to the village’s broadband project.

“This means that businesses, residents and, of course, the school will be able to access the internet speedily and easily, an essential nowadays for students, people working at home and anyone accessing services.”

Since 2013, the Sleaford Renewable Energy Fund has awarded a total of £78,840.50 to local schools and a wide range of community-based organisations and projects in Sleaford and Kirkby La Thorpe.