Public concern after Brexit majority vote

Chief Executive Stuart Hellon for Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire
Chief Executive Stuart Hellon for Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire

A charity that provides free advice to residents is offering reassurance after being inundated with questions on how they may be affected by the EU Brexit vote.

Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire, which covers North Kesteven and Boston, added a new web page on June 24 after the EU Referendum to provide further information.

According to the charity, after a week, more than 65,000 people viewed the information, with 230,000 Facebook users and 232,000 Twitter users. Just 24 hours after the referendum decision, analysis of users’ search habits revealed immigration top, citizenship third and Brexit seventh among the most popular search items.

The charity expects that any changes in legislation will take some time to come into effect.

Stuart Hellon, chief executive for Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire said: “It is important to remember nothing changes yet and that for the time being all rights remain the same. It is likely to be several years before any changes to the law come into effect.

“We’re here to help anyone who has a query about their rights and encourage people to come to us if they think they have been treated unfairly or discriminated against.”

Visit https://www.citizen colnshire/ to find out more.