Sauna, steam room and splash zone all included in revised pool plans

CONSULTATION on plans for refurbishment of Sleaford’s Leisure Centre and swimming pool has ended with revised plans to incorporate the three most popular requests from the public.

Initially, the plans for the East Banks facility offered a choice between a sauna/steam area or a splash zone. After consulting with well over 200 residents and users, owner North Kesteven District Council has worked with the design team and architect to innovatively incorporate both the sauna and steam room, as well as the toddler splash zone.

The revised plans will be considered by the council’s executive board tomorrow (Thursday) when it is explained the update will need another £200,000, taking the project budget from £2.65million to £2.85million. The additional cost is potentially being met by funding including £150,000 from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Fund; £140,000 from Eco2’s Community Fund as well as free heat from the straw fired power plant; £50,000 from the Amateur Swimming Association – which are currently being pursued. Any shortfall will need to be met from borrowing.

The Splash Zone, with its shallow water, water spray and other fun features, will create the ideal facility for parent-and-toddler sessions and family fun. There will be enhanced poolside seating, together with a larger and more attractive reception and cafe area, a larger and relocated dance studio, extended gym facilities, more accessible ‘changing village’, featuring a range of mixed-changing cubicle sizes including a private, more accessible shower, as well as group changing facilities for schools and specialised changing facilities for people with disabilities.

The pool will close on October 8 and re-open in September 2013, with the pool at RAF Cranwell being offered to help with swimming lessons and the council will be keeping people informed about alternatives in the area.

Mike Lock, leisure and cultural services manager for NKDC, used to manage the pool back in 1987 and was excited that it was to get a new lease of life for the next 30 years. “Seeing it I am so excited. It is something that will be fabulous for the community in a delightful setting.”