Sleaford Town Team react to news of Tesco scrapping plans for new store

Tesco, Sleaford. EMN-150801-121706001
Tesco, Sleaford. EMN-150801-121706001

Sleaford Town Team, the organisation set up a little over a month ago to rally people behind a plan to promote the town and its businesses to encourage more shoppers and trade locally, has commented on the announcement yesterday (Thursday) that Tesco has pulled out of its commitment to build a superstore in Sleaford.

A spokeswoman said: “Sleaford Town Team has always believed that regeneration in Sleaford is possible with or without a Tesco superstore.

“Our aim has always been to support grassroots, business-led regeneration and we were considerate of both sides of the argument for Tesco. Following the news that the retailer has shelved its superstore plans for the town, we want to remind Sleaford people that regeneration can still happen.

“Although we’ve seen on social media that there is a mixed reaction to the news, we know that everybody involved wants the best for Sleaford. Now is the time for the community to start working together towards a better future for the town. We have already made plans for this year to improve footfall and work towards our aims, and these will not change in light of the announcement.”

When asked if the Town Team would seek to help fill the void left by Tesco’s decision, the spokeswoman commented: “The Town Team can’t influence those sorts of decisions and with a growing number of members, there are lots of ideas for what the site could be used for so we wouldn’t want to say we’re happy with any particular one. We just want to see development that will aid the business community and improve footfall into the town centre.

“The individual founding members (of Sleaford Town Team) have their own personal views on Sleaford regeneration, but as a collective, we believe that the community working together can improve the town. Our members include both ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Tesco/link road now so the Town Team has never taken a side – we’ve said that from the start.”