Town Team postpones Local Shops Showcase to tie in with Made In Sleaford event.

Sleaford Town Team logo EMN-150507-170616001
Sleaford Town Team logo EMN-150507-170616001

Sleaford Town Team’s Local Shops Showcase planned for July 29 at the Solo Club has been postponed.

Organisers have decided to run concurrently with North Kesteven District Council’s “Made in Sleaford” event, which will showcase locally based manufacturers later this year on October 9-10.

A Town Team spokesperson said: “We are delaying our local shops showcase in order to bring it into the same timeframe as the NKDC celebration of Sleaford businesses, Made in Sleaford.

“We are in discussions with the NKDC regeneration team about working more closely to link the two activities so that local businesses get the attention they deserve.”

She said on the Town Team’s Facebook page: “The plan will now be to have all the physical shops (including salons, cafes, restaurants and bars) showcasing their products and services, giving away samples and offers, and demonstrating that Sleaford has lots on offer, that perhaps visitors overlook.

“It will run from 5pm until 8pm and there will be a welcome drink for all those who visit. We’re hoping to run the event at the Solo Club and that everyone who either takes part or visits also gets behind the fab new Solo Card too.

“So, we think joining forces with the other plans to celebrate businesses in Sleaford makes lots of sense and we hope to see lots of people dropping by to enjoy all kinds of goodies, samples and a glass of something on the evening of Friday October 9.”