Wind farms uneconomic, says MP

SLEAFORD and North Hykeham MP Stephen Phillips last week used his opportunity to speak in the debate on the Queen’s Speech to raise the issue of increases in the cost of living.

Mr Phillips highlighted the fact that rises in the price of fuel, energy and food were impacting on people all over the country but particularly in rural areas like Lincolnshire.

He said: “(The cost of living) is a subject that resonates especially in rural areas such as the one that I represent, because for us the cost of living differs in so many respects from the cost of living for those who live in urban areas.

“One of the reasons for that is associated with the cost of fuel and the cost of filling our cars at the pumps. For those who live in my constituency and in other rural parts of England and the rest of the United Kingdom, having a car is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.”

He added: “I would desperately like to see more action on the cost of living, and specifically fuel pricing, from this Government, but I know it is simply not possible because of the mess with which we have been left.”

He also raised the issue of onshore wind turbines, saying: “The great problem with onshore wind, which the Government will have to grapple with, is that it seems universally to attract no support whatsoever from the communities where the siting of such wind farms is proposed. Some of these very large structures over-top the spire of Lincoln Cathedral to a considerable degree. These things are generally not wanted and are uneconomic.”