Wrong scrap metal licence

Court news.
Court news.

Scrap metal collectors without a licence for North Kesteven are being asked to heed a warning that if caught they could face prosecution and fines — just like one trader stopped in Heckington.

Police stopped Arron Brumpton, of Beech Avenue, Newark, no age supplied, while he was collecting scrap metal in the village. Police then provided evidence to the Licensing Team at North Kesteven District Council, who found Brumpton did not have a valid Scrap Metal Collectors licence from the council.

Anyone wishing to collect scrap metal requires a licence issued by the council within the area they will be collecting. Mr Brumpton was successfully prosecuted under Section 1 of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

His case was heard at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on June 3, though Brumpton failed to attend, and was fined £350. Costs of £350 were also awarded to NKDC and a Victim Surcharge of £25 also awarded. A collection order was imposed by the court to retrieve the £725 sum.

Coun Richard Wright said: “We hope scrap metal collectors can learn from Mr Brumpton’s case. It’s important for collectors to understand that despite being licensed with one local authority doesn’t mean the licence is valid elsewhere, and will result in a prosecution just the same as someone without any licence.”

More details at www.n-kesteven.gov.uk or call licensing on 01529 414155.