Charities can sign up for local Lottery cash

The LotterySK launch for local good causes.
The LotterySK launch for local good causes.

Good causes in South Kesteven can now sign up to benefit from the district’s new local lottery - with prizes of up to £25,000.

The website is now live for charities, voluntary organisations and other good causes to register for the new weekly online lottery from £1 a ticket.

Some 60 pence from the sale of each Lottery SK ticket goes to local charities and other good causes that work in South Kesteven – more than twice the proportion raised by the National Lottery.

Coun Kelham Cooke, deputy leader of South Kesteven District Council, which set up the lottery, said: “Raising money is always a challenge, particularly in the current climate. Local lotteries are popular with good causes because it makes fundraising easier, while ticket buyers know that the majority of the ticket price will benefit a local organisation and could win a prize. The success of the lottery relies on good causes signing up so that ticket buyers have lots of choice of who they can donate to. It is free for them and it could provide them with much-needed funds. The more tickets good causes sell, the more money goes to them.”