Charity’s call for superheroes

A LIVES First Responder demonstration in action.
A LIVES First Responder demonstration in action.

As part of its annual Everyday Heroes campaign, an emergency medical charity in Lincolnshire is asking people to dress up as a superhero for the day to celebrate its volunteers.

The call comes from LIVES (Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service) in relation to its First Responders – the 700-plus volunteers who provide vital care in their communities during medical emergencies before handing over to the ambulance service.

It is encouraging schools and businesses across the county to show their thanks to these life-savers by donning superhero-ware on Friday, July 22.

LIVES will be holding celebrations in honour of its volunteers all that week.

It will also use Everyday Heroes Week, as it has been dubbed, to introduce its new superhero mascot, with the opportunity to name him in the ‘Name the Mascot’ competition. The winning school will receive the first visit from the mascot himself.

Anyone wanting to take part in the campaign can obtain a pack from