Co-op shoppers show their support for lifesavers


In the last six weeks members of Lincolnshire Co-op have raised £17,856 for volunteer lifesavers just by doing their shopping.

To celebrate its 45th year, Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services (LIVES) has been nominated as Lincolnshire Co-op’s current Community Champion.

LIVES is now half way through its stint as a Community Champion and shoppers are being encouraged to help boost the total over the remaining six weeks.

The Community Champions scheme sees every one of the society’s 231,000 members linked to a good cause close to where they live.

Until June 6, every time they use their dividend card in any Lincolnshire Co-op outlet where points are issued, a donation from the Community Champions pot will go to LIVES or their equivalent local First Responder group. The £17,856 which has been raised so far will go towards training and buying vital medical equipment, such as defibrillators and specialist kit, for the LIVES medics.