Collection for elderly woman who had her purses stolen in Sleaford alleyway in broad daylight

Luke Porter and Coun Jan Brealeycook with the collection tin.
Luke Porter and Coun Jan Brealeycook with the collection tin.

A collection has been set up for an elderly woman who was robbed in Sleaford in broad daylight.

The victim was walking down the alleyway on Jubilee Grove at midday when two men stole two purses from her handbag.

After we published the online police appeal to catch the culprits there was a massive outcry on social media from people condemning those responsible.

This ultimately led to a suggestion being made for a collection to be held, which Coun Jan Brealeycook was happy to help set up at the Town Hall.

She said: “I posted The Standard’s story into the Sleaford Facebook group and I was really pleasantly surprised by the reaction.”

Among those appalled was Luke Porter, who lives and works in the town, and suggested the collection.

“We have got this young lad who is so disgusted and wants to help,” said Coun Brealeycook. “We have got lots of nice people around town and it just shows the lady in question that we do care.

“I think it’s so sad that people can’t walk about in the middle of the day and feel safe. I think the response to this shows that there are far more good Sleafordians than bad. I just hope the lady in question is OK and let’s hope we can get some donations to hopefully cover her loss but also to show that there are lots more caring people in our town.”

Luke described the perpetrators as ‘scumbags’.

“I just made a comment that we should have a whip round,” he said. “She shouldn’t be out of pocket for some scumbags. It’s horrendous.

“I don’t want her to feel like she is trapped in her own home.

“I just didn’t think that we are that kind of town.”

The collection tin will be at the Town Hall for at least a week for people to make donations, before the money is 
handed over.

Coun Brealeycook said: “We don’t want to embarrass the lady. We will look to invite the local PCSO in so he can hand it to her.”

l The theft took place at about 12.30pm on Monday, August 8.

Police said the incident happened too quickly for the victim to be able to give a description of the two men, who ran off after the crime.

If anyone saw two men running in or near the alley they are asked to call 101 quoting incident 221 of August 8.