COLUMN: Coun Patricia Bradwell - ‘Students excel’

Coun Patricia Bradwell. EMN-170915-165742001
Coun Patricia Bradwell. EMN-170915-165742001

I t’s been another year of change and challenge for our students and schools to cope with but it looks like Lincolnshire has performed very well compared to other areas of the country.

Provisional results from 34 out of 39 schools in the county for A-level show that at 98.1%, the Lincolnshire pass rate for A-levels is ahead of the England average by 0.2%. Results are close to the UK average in many measures.

Over a third of Lincolnshire schools, an increase on last year, achieved more A* grades than the national average. This was also the same for those achieving A*-A grades.

In 14 out of 34 schools, 90% or more of students achieved 3+ A-Level passes at A*-E, with one school securing a figure of 100% for 3 or more passes.

A-levels are extremely challenging and represent some of the highest academic standards in the world. Success at A-level does not happen by accident.

But while these set of results are impressive, I’m even more pleased by the response to GCSEs this year as there has been so much change and upheaval for students to deal with.

Lincolnshire pupils have had to complete the new GCSEs in English and maths, now graded 9-1 and with a greater level of challenge. These changes were always going to cause some confusion for students, parents and schools to get their heads around.

The different way courses are structured and marked make it difficult and schools aren’t able to compare results from previous years, like-for- like, to monitor progress.

Congratulations to all our students who have shown they have what it takes to achieve success and I wish them well for the future. Parents and carers also deserve praise for their support and encouragement.

And let’s not forget our schools and the excellent teaching staff who continue to excel in providing the platform for pupils to perform to their best.

n Councillor Bradwell is Deputy Leader & Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, Lincolnshire County Council