COLUMN: Fight for local causes goes on - by MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, Caroline Johnson

Conservative MP Caroline Johnson. EMN-170906-034354001
Conservative MP Caroline Johnson. EMN-170906-034354001

Having only been in office for four months I had not expected to be back on the campaign trail so soon.

However I was incredibly fortunate that the army of volunteers, association members and friends and family came out again with even more enthusiasm for this campaign. As the results came in on election night I was amazed to see the people of Sleaford and North Hykeham had come out in force - with the highest turnout in recent years of 72.4% and 42,245 votes cast for the Conservatives.

With Brexit negotiations underway imminently it is only the Conservative party that can be trusted to get the best deal possible and not go back on the mandate given to us by the British people, and by an overwhelming majority in our own constituency of Sleaford and North Hykeham.

I look forward to giving my utmost support to the Prime Minister as we enter the most complex peacetime negotiations ever.

During my time in Westminster I have been fighting for a number of local causes such as rural crime, infrastructure improvement and access to NHS services. I have raised the issue of hare coursing with the Home Secretary and the Solicitor General, who appreciate the great harm it causes. I have had a number of productive meetings with the Digital and Culture Minister to push for better broadband, and was delighted to see that BT have entered into the third phase of the roll out program in Lincolnshire. I have had a continuous dialogue with the Health Secretary regards the current overnight closure of Grantham A&E.

I look forward to continuing to push on all these fronts in this parliament, and to give a voice to the people of Sleaford and North Hykeham.