COLUMN: Nominate those who make a difference for award

Coun Marion Brighton - Leader of NKDC. EMN-160214-162055001
Coun Marion Brighton - Leader of NKDC. EMN-160214-162055001

Every day, in every place across the district, an incalculable difference is made to all of our lives thanks to the kindness of a few, special people, writes leader of North Kesteven District Council Marion Brighton.

Carried out quietly, tirelessly and selflessly, in both paid and voluntary capacities, this represents an immeasurable depth of community spirit, care and compassion.

It marks out our residents, businesses and a general way of being in North Kesteven.

And every year, North Kesteven District Council seeks to celebrate this – to award it and applaud it – through its Community Champion Awards.

Made possible through the generous support of community-minded businesses, these awards rely wholly on appreciative residents bringing such deserving champions to wider thanks and recognition.

With just three weeks left until the deadline on September 12, I implore every one of you to consider nominating deserving individuals, organisations or businesses.

All it takes is a few words and examples of the work they do on forms which can be found at, at the council’s offices or by calling 01529 308061 to request one.

There are eight categories, including Community Spirit, Young Achiever and Community Business and contributions to Arts and Culture, Health and Wellbeing, a Better Environment, Sustainable Transport and Sport.

These could be:

* Businesses putting something back into their community as shown by Elite Fish & Chips and the Sleaford renewable power plant last year;

* Young people operating beyond the restraints of physical or circumstantial difficulties, such as Thomas Talbot who pioneered new sports and raised funds for other children with cerebral palsy;

* Individuals or groups who use their time to enrich lives through arts and culture or heritage initiatives;

* Those who devote time, effort and energy to motivating and running sports clubs, such as Brian Rowlands’ contribution to Sleaford Town FC;

* People who change perception and behaviour by promoting the benefits of cycling, walking and other sustainable transport initiatives;

* Those who pick litter, broaden environmental awareness and maintain a clean and tidy location.

* People, groups or organisations for whom the health and wellbeing of individuals and broader society is critical, as with
Ken Smith of Heckington whose lifesaving work with LIVES was celebrated in 2015;

* A broad display of community spirit which shows thoughtful neighbourliness, hard work, diligence, dedication and commitment.

And, in the meantime, I thank you all for your contributions and acts of kindness – large and small – which give strength and vibrancy to our communities and make North Kesteven so distinct.