Contribute to textile artwork

Textile artist Ruth Singer will be at the NCCD next week.
Textile artist Ruth Singer will be at the NCCD next week.

There will be a chance to contribute to an art project inspired by textiles at Sleaford’s National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) next week.

Later this year textile artist, Ruth Singer will be exhibiting Narrative Threads at the Carre Street venue; as part of this she is collecting memories associated with textiles to combine into a collaborative artwork that will be the focus of the full exhibition.

Narrative Threads will explore physical and emotional engagement with cloth, examining tactility, memory, and personal stories – mostly around old domestic textiles.

Leicester-based Ruth is gathering memories via her website and at events around the UK with the aim of printing or embroidering every memory onto a piece of cloth. Memories can be from any time in a person’s life and be happy, poignant, unpleasant or comforting. The main consideration is that textiles is associated with a particular memory.

Ruth will be at the NCCD on Wednesday, September 30, from 10am-4pm, to collect memories for the project.

The exhibition itself will be at The NCCD from Saturday, November 14 until Sunday, January 10.

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